We invested 600 thousand EUR in Czech startup Zuri


Zuri is a startup with the goal of changing passenger flight transportation. It was founded in 2017 by Michal Illich. The startup is developing an unmanned aircraft for passenger transportation with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) technology. The startup now employs 7 people and several freelancers.

“At Pale Fire Capital, we enjoy supporting radical projects that are not afraid of Read more

We invest tens of millions CZK in Czech analytics startup Roivenue


Roivenue is creating an analytics tool for more effective marketing and claims that its clients will increase their return on investment (ROI) by 15% and turnover by 30% year-on-year. The startup Roivenue has created a learning algorithm that evaluates all marketing channels in one place, even though each of them uses its own measurement. It can compare them against each … Read more

New investment into Neogenia, creator of Mobile Radio platform


We have invested in Ondřej Švrček’s Neogenie, acquiring a 10% stake. Neogenia is already in its fourth year of developing and operating, for example, the Czech platform Mobile Radio, which is used for communication between municipalities and citizens and for reporting civic initiatives.

“Mobile Radio is a strong established product in a very promising industry, we are happy Read more

This year we have 150 million CZK to invest


We’ve made some great investments, but we keep looking for interesting projects. This year we plan to invest 100 million to 150 million CZK on the Internet. Investing in online projects is our first priority, but we are also looking at other opportunities – mainly commercial real estate and projects.

You can read a longer article on CzechCrunch.… Read more

Pale Fire Capital and investment in startup Valuo.cz


Valuo is a Mladá Boleslav-based startup that aims to speed up and simplify the process of finding market price estimates for houses and apartments across the Czech Republic. However, this was only the first step.

The real estate website’s main mission is to combat ever-rising property prices or to make things easier for buyers. Thanks to a special algorithm, they … Read more

Interview with Jan Barta in TÝDEN magazine


As a young adult, Jan Barta made a lot of money from the typo business – a quirky website for which even Bill Gates wanted to sue him. Today, Jan Barta remembers that time with a smile. He is a successful internet entrepreneur and his company ePojisteni.cz is the main partner of the Czech football league. For many years, he … Read more

Forbes.cz about Pale Fire Capital


“We have several deals coming up. One in real estate, that alone will practically double the investment volume. And then we have two online things in the works, but it’s too early to talk about them. We expect that soon the volume of invested funds will exceed 400 million, and within three years we count on a billion,” says Jan Read more

Why young men from the web threw themselves into football


We want a detailed breakdown and disclosure of income so that football club budgets are completely transparent. Introducing video into the decision-making of controversial moments, broadcasting dialogues between referees and players. Such rules are being pushed by the new sponsors of the football league. Why is ePojištění investing in football? What does NetBrokers Holding do and how did it grow? … Read more