We invested 600 thousand EUR in Czech startup Zuri


Zuri is a startup with the goal of changing passenger flight transportation. It was founded in 2017 by Michal Illich. The startup is developing an unmanned aircraft for passenger transportation with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) technology. The startup now employs 7 people and several freelancers.

“At Pale Fire Capital, we enjoy supporting radical projects that are not afraid of big goals and have the potential to break through globally. We believe that the VTOL aircraft Zuri is a brave concept that can find its place in the market. We certainly do not attach any expectations of a profitable short-term exit to the investment. With it, we have established a long-term collaboration to develop an ambitious product with extremely disruptive potential. At the same time, I am personally delighted to have a new project together with Michal Illich after ten years,” comments Jan Barta on the investment.

Zuri has received an investment of 600,000 EUR from us, which it will use mainly to strengthen its development capacities in order to complete and test the prototype for the final stage of product concept development.

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