Educational seminar for NGOs


Philanthropy is a significant topic for us, we donate tens of millions every year to several NGOs and through them, we want to help change the way we live in the Czech Republic. Our vision is to steadily increase our philanthropic activities to hundreds of millions CZK per year. However, we also see the importance of being able to offer our time and share the know-how that we can offer, in addition to finances. We offer all the non-profit organizations we support consultation and insight from a business environment in which we feel we are strong.

In 2020, we donated a total of 50 million CZK. We want to see where these finances are going and where our spent energy is going. This allows us to target our help where it adds the most value.

We have dedicated and continue to dedicate a large time to support non-profit organizations – for 2022 and the years to come, we would like to spend even more of our time and also get to know more about the people at the non-profits. That’s why we organized the first meeting for the NGOs we have been supporting for a long time. The educational seminar was on the topic of ScaleUp, because we feel that even in the non-profit environment it is necessary to be able to work strategically and systematically, to be able to set measurable goals, set a strategy and know how to obtain sufficient resources for its execution. In addition to the NGO customer, we need also to think about the donor on the other side.

We appreciate very much that a total of 13 NGOs accepted our invitation to our training seminar. They spent a day and a half with us at the Všetice farm for the ScaleUp seminar and at the same time, there was plenty of space to get to know each other more personally. A warm thank you goes also to Šimon Pánek (People in Need) for his inspiring speech at the beginning of our meeting.

Thank you and we are looking forward to the next meeting!