Jan Barta for Klub investorů – Investment markets, opportunities and risks


On the evening of April 25th, 2023, another event organized by the Klub investorů took place, entitled “Where are we?”. Jan Barta from Pale Fire Capital evaluated the risks and opportunities in current markets and also presented a few investment ideas. He shared his insights and experiences with the audience, providing a clear vision and practical tips, and outlined how to achieve successful investing using concrete examples.

The lecture began with an introductory explanation of what investments are and how they can be used to generate profit. Jan Barta emphasized that successful investing requires not only a very good understanding of the market, but also common sense and the ability to make decisions based on facts and data. The lecture also included several specific examples of investments that can be very profitable but also very risky. Every investment has a certain degree of risk, and successful investors are those who can minimize the risks of their investments. This requires having the right strategy, thinking long-term, and having strong nerves.

The lecture was a great success, with a full audience of listeners, for which we are very grateful and thank you!

Did you miss the lecture? And would you like to watch it from the recording? Please email us at petra@palefire.com. Within a few days, we will send you the link.