Jan Barta for Klub investorů (Investors Club)


At the beginning of this year, we established cooperation with the Klub investorů (Investors Club) and one of the first common activities was a seminar by Jan Barta on “The invisible hedge fund leg of Pale Fire Capital, which beats all the world’s funds”. As a fund, we have a second “invisible” leg – an internal hedge fund that has never been discussed in public and is led by Jan Barta.

Visitors to the seminar were the first to whom Jan Barta showed something from his “kitchen”. The lecture focused on PFC’s trading from the beginning of 2020 to till now, and how PFC has become a top 1% fund in the world in terms of performance.

A few bullets from this seminar:

  • Why did we decide to go 300% short the market when there were low hundreds of covid cases in China in early 2020?
  • Why did we make a massive bet on natural gas producers when oil prices were falling into negative territory?
  • How did we catch the trend early on that container shipping prices would skyrocket and how did we profit from it?
  • Why did we decide to buy a large number of oil call options before the conflict in Ukraine broke out?
  • When did we decide to go massively short crazy valued tech stocks?

Jan Barta is one of the partners in our investment group, Pale Fire Capital (PFC). He researches and analyzes investment opportunities, participates in portfolio company strategies, and is constantly looking for new opportunities to grow PFC. During his studies at University College London, he was involved in internet businesses, using his creativity and strategic insight. With other partners, he successfully built several companies under NetBrokers Holding, which were then sold to the German Bauer Media group in 2016. He regularly allocates part of his time to non-profit projects and is actively involved in improving the Czech Republic through philanthropic activities. Jan often communicates on Twitter, where he actively reaches out to his community and shares business tips.

Nearly 200 people attended the seminar. Thank you very much for your interest and we are looking forward to our next activity together with the Investors Club.

We have recorded the lecture and will be happy to share it with whoever sends us a financial donation (in any amount) receipt for Ukraine. Please send the request and confirmation to petra@palefire.com. We will then send you the link and password to the lecture within a few days. The seminar is only in the Czech language.