Jiří Ponrt becomes a new partner of Pale Fire Capital


From September, we are expanding the partnership structure with Jiří Ponrt, who becomes the fifth member. In ten months with us, Jirka has built our finance and analytics teams almost from scratch and has demonstrated his ability to build a strong finance group with us in a style that has proven successful. Both teams under his leadership are critical to our continued growth and greatly value the entire group.

Each member of the finance team also acts as CFO for selected businesses, but that is not just about finance for us. We want each CFO to understand the business in all its complexity and be able to figure in the companies as COO and partner to the CEO primarily in large companies where there is a higher level of complexity.

The analyst team helps to find new investment opportunities within private equity, looks for new opportunities in the capital markets, and actively helps companies with specific problems.

We have big plans and want to continue to grow rapidly. To learn more about opportunities with us, email jsme@palefire.com.