New CEO of Aukro is Peter Topor


Prague, January 9, 2023 – The largest Czech auction portal will be headed by Peter Topor from January 1, 2023. The current CEO Jan Sadílek will continue his work at Aukro and will now be in charge of the Collectors’ and Antiques area and will become Marketing Director.

Aukro is strengthening its management team. Peter Topor, who previously worked at GymBeam and also previously at e-commerce companies Shoptet and Footshop, has joined Aukro as CEO. Peter Topor’s role will be to continue the set strategy and ensure further growth of the company with new development projects. He will focus in particular on product and geographical expansion, selling returned goods from e-shops and further improving Aukro for sellers and buyers on desktop and mobile.

Despite the generally slower growth of the e-commerce sector last year, Aukro grew its turnover to 4 billion CZK, launched a secure customer-to-customer payment service and is therefore the safest platform for selling used goods in the country. Aukro has simplified direct delivery between customers through Zásilkovna and Balíkovna, introduced new auction collections and is ready for expansion into Slovakia.

Jan Sadílek is now moving into the role of Marketing Director and will also lead the development of the company’s largest category, Antiques, Art and Collectibles, where he plans to focus on auctions of more exclusive collectibles. This year, Aukro will begin offering items from this category as part of its expansion into other European markets, connecting collectors across countries.

“Aukro is one of the very successful projects in our Pale Fire Capital portfolio, we have managed to double its turnover in 2.5 years. In order to continue this growth, we will be launching more new projects and looking for more ways to reach new customers. Collectables, Antiques and Art now account for over 60% of the company’s turnover, so we will continue to build on this. These categories are a real passion of Honza Sadílek and I am delighted that Honza will be heading up their development. Peter Topor brings a new management force to the company, which will allow us to work systematically to implement many of Aukra’s next big plans with the goal of reaching 10 billion in sales in the near future”, says David Holý, Partner at Pale Fire Capital (PFC).