Online Extra Media has changed ownership


As of today, Burda International CZ is the only owner of Extra Online Media. We previously owned Extra Online Media through Pale Fire Capital (75%), with CEO Tomáš Kačena holding a 25% stake. Kačena will remain the CEO of EOM and will report to Petra Fundová, the CEO of Burda International CZ. Burda and Extra Online Media will continue to

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American Groupon has a new CEO


The American Groupon has a new CEO. One of the partners of Pale Fire Capital, Dušan Šenkypl, will fully dedicate himself to managing the company’s transformation.

The board of directors of the American company Groupon has appointed Dušan Šenkypl as interim CEO. In this executive role, Šenkypl will actively lead the transformation of Groupon and oversee the daily operations … Read more

New CEO of Aukro is Peter Topor


Prague, January 9, 2023 – The largest Czech auction portal will be headed by Peter Topor from January 1, 2023. The current CEO Jan Sadílek will continue his work at Aukro and will now be in charge of the Collectors’ and Antiques area and will become Marketing Director.

Aukro is strengthening its management team. Peter Topor, who previously … Read more

Pale Fire Capital is helping Groupon build a technology team of dozens of people to transform itself


Following the announcement of PFC’s first investment in Groupon in January this year, and the addition of partners Dušan Šenkypl and Jan Barta to Groupon’s Board of Directors, PFC is collaborating closely with the Groupon leadership team to help build a strong technology team to transform the company’s overall strategy.

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We invest in the Czech heat pump manufacturer Acond


We have decided to make a major investment in one of the largest Czech heat pump manufacturers, Acond, to accelerate the transition from gas heating and to support the energy security of the Czech Republic and Europe.

With a nearly one-quarter stake (24.3%), we will accelerate the construction of a new production plant, significantly multiplying our production capacity and our … Read more

Jiří Ponrt becomes a new partner of Pale Fire Capital


From September, we are expanding the partnership structure with Jiří Ponrt, who becomes the fifth member. In ten months with us, Jirka has built our finance and analytics teams almost from scratch and has demonstrated his ability to build a strong finance group with us in a style that has proven successful. Both teams under his leadership are critical … Read more