New ambition, growth and transformation – that was 2021 at Pale Fire Capital


Prague, August 2022 – Investment company Pale Fire Capital (PFC) has set itself an ambitious target for 2021 and has significantly strengthened. Consolidated turnover reached 1.575 billion CZK. The volume of assets grew to 3.762 billion. The team was expanded with senior reinforcements. PFC expanded its portfolio with significant investments and successfully underwrote bonds worth 750 million CZK for new Read more

The journey with FAVI is completed


At the beginning of July, we successfully completed our exit from FAVI, with a turnover of 750 mil. as one of the flagship companies in our portfolio in 2021 and with operations in 9 countries.

We entered FAVI just after its inception in 2016 and it was one of our first investments. From the beginning, we helped the founders … Read more

Dušan Šenkypl and Jan Barta as part of the management of American Groupon


Jan Barta a Dušan Šenkypl. Autorem fotografie je Goran Tacevski.

We have entered into an agreement with the American company Groupon over close cooperation. Dušan Šenkypl became a member of the Board of Directors and Jan Barta a member of the Supervisory Board. We are extremely happy about the expansion of our cooperation and look forward to working and communicating closely with the GROUPON CEO Kedar Deshpande.

With approximately 22%, … Read more

We supported Metronome Festival


The Metronome Festival, which took place in Prague from 23.6. to 26.6. 2022 and offered to the participants artists such as Oh Wonder, Nick Cave, Underworld or Beck and many other foreign and local performers. We hope you enjoyed the festival and we’re glad we could be there with you!… Read more

Educational seminar for NGOs


Philanthropy is a significant topic for us, we donate tens of millions every year to several NGOs and through them, we want to help change the way we live in the Czech Republic. Our vision is to steadily increase our philanthropic activities to hundreds of millions CZK per year. However, we also see the importance of being able to offer … Read more

Jan Barta for Klub investorů (Investors Club)


At the beginning of this year, we established cooperation with the Klub investorů (Investors Club) and one of the first common activities was a seminar by Jan Barta on “The invisible hedge fund leg of Pale Fire Capital, which beats all the world’s funds”. As a fund, we have a second “invisible” leg – an internal hedge fund that has … Read more

Dušan Šenkypl in the interview for Seznam news


“Within three or four years at most, we have the ambition to move from three billion CZK of assets under management to around 25 billion,” says Pale Fire Capital partner Dušan Šenkypl. What does he say about the plans and ambitions at Pale Fire Capital, which company do they trust the most and how profitable is the portfolio? You can … Read more

Pale Fire Capital increased its stake in JenPrá to 80%


Investment group Pale Fire Capital has increased its stake in the JenPrá project to 80%. The portal’s visitor traffic grew by 140% year-on-year in Q1 (2021/2022). The growth was also due to the fact that the founders and investors managed to build a strong structure with a completely new management.

With the portal’s traffic well over 1 million monthly and … Read more

Pale Fire Capital Group has sold its stake in Saunia


The investment group Pale Fire Capital has sold its 20% stake in Saunia to the other partners (Michal Drozd, Bohumil Píše, Jan Holeček and Radek Stavinoha), including the founders of the company.

“By its terms, the investment is no longer suitable for PFC’s portfolio. The group added little value to Saunia’s operations,” said Dušan Šenkypl, a partner at Pale Fire … Read more