Pale Fire Capital increased its stake in


Prague, 2 May 2022 – Pale Fire Capital continues to invest and has newly increased its stake in Valuo Technologies. The company is engaged in the business of estimating real estate prices based on the analysis of a huge data set. PFC has increased its stake to 37.5%.

Valuo Technologies was founded in August 2017. Its primary focus is on developing a tool to obtain the necessary data to more accurately estimate the price of real estate for professionals – investors, brokers, appraisers, forensic experts or financial advisors. The estimation is based on the analysis of a range of information – from property register data, to a comparison of 8-10 comparable properties in the area, data from the entire market, documents prepared by analysts and many others. In addition, the app will display all available photos and listings for already sold properties in the area for comparison. The user will thus get a clear picture of the sold properties in the area of interest, including how they looked and what was written about them.

“The real estate market has experienced a really turbulent year in 2021. We will use the current situation to develop further features and services, which we will introduce in about 6 months. The investment will also serve to expand the Valuo team so that we can implement our future plans. We are also considering expansion abroad – we would like to provide our services in the future, for example in Austria,” said Radek Šitera, CEO and founder of Valuo Technologies.

“ is a very useful tool for real estate professionals, which with additional functionality will create even more added value for clients,” said Jan Barta, Partner at Pale Fire Capital.

The main tool of the Valuo Profi portfolio is now used by thousands of users, most of them – 47% – are real estate agents, 28% are financial advisors. 19 firms now use Valuo’s calculation via API on their websites and applications. The calculations are most accurate in areas where there is a lot of data on similar properties. The more atypical the property or in locations with fewer sales, the more user intervention is needed to adjust the coefficients and eliminate irrelevant comparables. However, Valuo is not a database of these listings with a history for comparison. The analysts have gone through each listing found to verify the condition of the properties, fixing incorrectly listed parameters and discarding those from whose photos it was not possible to determine the condition of the property – since, for example, a condition of “very good” really means something different to everyone. Trying to match completed offers with sales recorded by the Land Registry will help users to better determine the price and also allows them to see photos of the property’s condition.

Valuo’s main clients include Kooperativa, Partners, Re/max, Broker trust, Broker Consulting, Hypoteční banka, Česká spořitelna, Moneta Money bank and many others. The company has also recently started cooperation with, which has recently launched online real estate auctions.

Valuo Technologies continues to grow and recruit to its team, current vacancies can be found here