Pale Fire Capital invests in a Czech project AgData


Adgata originally started as a simple application for creating legal records, but in less than three years it has evolved into a comprehensive agricultural business management system with both web and mobile applications. It uses GPS units, weather sensors and soil probes or chips to collect important data from which the user can then read, for example, which areas are doing better and which are doing worse, and much more.

“We see the investment in Agdata as a great opportunity to help our agriculture sector go digital. A cloud-based farm management system that also allows for the connection of various other elements such as telematics and various sensors that, for example, measure air temperature or humidity in the warehouse is, in our opinion, the right and progressive way to go,” comments Jan Barta on Pale Fire Capital’s latest investment.

Founder and CEO Jiří Musil, Product and Sales Director Lukáš Musil and Technical Director Jiří Večeřa (all pictured in the opening photo with Jan Barta on the right) are behind the development of the project.

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