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We return value to the society

On our journey, the Czech society has given us many opportunities, a good quality education and an environment for doing business freely. This is what we are now trying to facilitate for future generations. We imagine the Czech Republic being a country driven by technology, smart and educated people, and equal opportunities. A country where we can live well and freely. We consider the fact that we are viewed as the assembly house of Europe a waste of our potential, just as we also dispise clientelism and populism. 

Instead of supporting Giving Pledge, where philanthropy is concentrated to later stages of an individual's life, we decided to support the non-profit sector already now. Each year, we allocate a percentage of the value of our portfolio to the non-profit sector. In 2020, we donated CZK 50 million. Our vision is to gradually increase our support of philanthropic activities up to hundreds of millions CZK annually.

Besides capital, we also dedicate our time to non-profit activities. We help NGOs to operate strategically and systematically - setting measurable goals, choosing the right strategy and securing enough finances for its execution.   

We do not finance projects related to gambling, tobacco products, alcohol and consumer lending. 

It will be our honor if we are able to motivate other successful entrepreneurs towards supporting positive changes within our society and towards creating a better country for all.


An educated society is a prosperous society. We need people with the ability to think critically, search for information and perceive the world in context. Therefore, we support the following organizations:

Jeden svět na školách

We try to help the organization with marketing so that their high-quality educational programs reach as many teachers, pupils and students as possible.

OSF Foundation

We were involved in the creation of their project to provide university scholarships for the Romani, which we have been financing for several years, jointly with for instance the Albatros Foundation. We are honored to support future Romani role models.

Teachers Live

The OECD recommends 40% of all pedagogical teaching to be carried out practically. That's why we support Teachers Live, who have a functional teacher education program - bringing teachers with modern teaching practices to our education system.

English College in Prague

For almost 10 years, we fully pay the tuition fee and pocket money for six children from low-income families or children's homes. Three scholarship holders went to the world's most prestigious universities - Oxford, Cambridge and the London School of Economics.

Daniel Prokop

We support the research organization PAQ Research of Daniel Prokop, author of the book Blind Spots, focusing on the analysis and recommendations in the field of education and social policy.

Skautský institut

We help to preserve the tradition of Scouts and Junák. The Institute runs a social centre and prepares a programme for schools and Scout Groups.

Democracy and anti-corruption environment

A transparent, open environment is key to the future development of our country. We support organizations that follow democratic principles and help correct imperfect legislation. We are big supporters of openness. The state should not keep anything secret except for matters that directly threaten security. The openness of the state apparatus will lead to greater public involvement, to finding many optimizations and to creating many business opportunities.

Rekonstrukce státu

It actively pushes anti-corruption laws and standards towards greater transparency. It reacts in an agile way to current developments and draws attention to the risks of implemented political steps. At the same time, it monitors especially the pre-election promises of politicians and their fulfillment.

Hlídač státu

It makes available information on public administration activities: register of contracts, public procurement, overview of subsidies, insolvency register, overview of political party sponsors, K-index or numbers of hospital beds available during the coronavirus epidemic.

Association for liberal democracy

We created this association to support the unification of democratic parties for the parliamentary elections 2021. In the last elections, democratic parties needed significantly more votes to win a single mandate, compared to for example Hnutí ANO. The joint candidacy addresses this inequality.

Forum 2000

The Forum 2000 Foundation fulfills the legacy of Václav Havel by promoting democratic values and respect for human rights, developing civil society and strengthening religious, cultural and ethnic tolerance. 


We consider the climate change to be indisputable. We are trying to support changes that will help retain water in our landscape and gradually change the model of agriculture into a sustainable regime, without soil degradation.

Nadace Živá půda

We created this association to support the unification of democratic parties for the parliamentary elections 2021. In the last elections, democratic parties needed significantly more votes to win a single mandate, compared to for example Hnutí ANO. The joint candidacy addresses this inequality.


We support activities that correct imperfect elements in our tax and legislative system. We have long been convinced that it is necessary to reduce the taxation of labor and compensate for the tax shortfall by systemic but fair taxation of capital. We try to influence the risk elements for the economically weakest part of the population, which is also the most easily taxable. A typical example is our setting of execution rules.

Člověk v tísni

We are the largest Czech donor to Člověk v tísni. We support their activities to mitigate the impact of foreclosures among socially deprived groups. 

Aspen Institute

The aim of the Central European branch of the Aspen Institute is to develop interdisciplinary cooperation, to support Central European leaders from various sectors and to contribute to the analysis and resolution of pressing issues of contemporary economic, social and thought development on an expert and non-party basis.

Association for liberal democracy

Together we are fighting for a fairer model of executions and insolvencies in the Czech Republic. We have almost 1 million people in execution, which is one of the highest numbers in Europe. There are over 4 million executions per million inhabitants - multiple executions are unfortunately common. There is often no escape from executions, a large part of people are unable to pay even interest and they escape to the gray economy. We are trying to modify our execution law so that it is set up similarly to most European countries and allows people in execution to return to normal life. We want to return them to the labor market without unduly burdening their employers.

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