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Get to know our team! Dušan Šenkypl, David Holý, and Jan Barta are a group of hard-working business patriots with vast experience. Building, improving, sharing their know-how, and investing are their passions. They dedicate their resources, time, and energy to enthusiastic, creative, and talented people who uphold high moral values and are devoted to creating a better world through hard work. They seek to partner with people who are eager to develop themselves and their companies, avoid unnecessary dead ends, and strive to learn and grow. They listen and want to move their companies forward to create better working conditions and a better place to live. These are the exact people that PFC is looking to cooperate with and become valuable partners in their businesses.

Dušan Šenkypl - Partner at Pale Fire Capital

Dušan Šenkypl specializes in setting up effective organizational structures, sales teams, and product development operations. He has created several global e-commerce and technology projects used by more than 200 million users. He founded and NetBrokers Holding, a dominant fintech player with more than 500 employees, which was acquired by the German media group Bauer Media in 2018. In his free time, he enjoys sports and dedicates a portion of his time to non-profit projects.

Jan Barta - Partner at Pale Fire Capital

Jan Barta is responsible for finding and analyzing investment opportunities at Pale Fire Capital. In addition to this, he enjoys helping portfolio companies with strategic discussions and evaluating their opportunities and threats. During his studies at University College London, Jan was involved in several internet businesses, using his creativity and strategic insights. He also dedicates a portion of his time to non-profit projects.

David Holý - Partner at Pale Fire Capital

David Holý He creates marketing strategies for portfolio companies. Since 2004, he has been involved in e-commerce product development. He was, for instance, the product manager for AVG Toolbars, with 225 million installations globally. He helped to build ePojisteni, where he served as CMO and Tarifomat CEO for 10 years. He is transforming the marketing strategies of Aukro, as well as the sales and product processes in the global project Munipolis/Mobilní Rozhlas.

Petr Krajíček - Partner at Pale Fire Capital

His field of expertise is primarily in all accounting and tax aspects, he also takes care of the administration of all companies and transactions. He started to work together with Jan Barta more than 10 years ago in his Elephant Orchestra project and he helped him with many investment projects. He implements financial management and back office agendas for several portfolio companies. In his free time, Petr is the principal of a theater group LASO.

Jiří Ponrt - Partner at Pale Fire Capital

Jirka's main responsibility is managing Pale Fire Capital's finances, supporting financial management in individual companies of the portfolio, and searching for new investment opportunities. Together with the team of CFOs and analysts he is leading, they are dedicated to the financial development of the portfolio, as well as helping companies which are not yet ready to manage their finances on their own. In his spare time he enjoys sports and travelling and last but not least spending time with his family.

Tomáš Šikola - Chief Analytics Officer

Tomáš focuses on the search and appraisal of investment opportunities in both private and public markets. Additionally, he helps PFC portfolio companies grow through competitive research, setting up data processes, and data analysis. Before joining PFC, he oversaw macroeconomic modeling of international trade at the Department for International Trade in the UK. He graduated in Finance from Peking University in China and in Economics and Econometrics from the University of Kent in the UK. Tomáš enjoys backpacking, skiing, and a glass of good wine.

Adam Slabý - CFO

Adam’s first project was to take over financial management of Aukro, followed by taking responsibility for all of Pale Fire Capital’s finances. Since 2022, Adam has been the longest-serving member of Pale Fire Capital. He enjoys the dynamic nature of management, the company’s ability to make quick decisions, and the portfolio diversity at Pale Fire Capital. Since 2022, he has been focusing on financial management of the ROUVY project. Outside of PFC, he runs his own business in healthcare price regulation and plays tennis in his spare time.

Rostislav Moric - CFO

Rostislav focuses on the financial management of portfolio companies. He was CFO of Favi, currently he is the CFO of Aukro. His position as CFO is based on his extensive experience in finance and business controlling, which he gained while working in several companies in the Czech Republic and Germany. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and is also actively interested in startups.

Petra Nulíčková - HR manager

Petra leads the Human Resources team at PFC and manages our social media accounts. She helps to set up HR strategies and products, and also hires key roles for companies within our portfolio. Petra is responsible for recruiting our team and enjoys the diversity of activities, continuous learning, and working with top-level senior colleagues at PFC. In her free time, she gives lectures at universities and writes on her HR blog. She also enjoys reading and growing flowers.

Barbora Němcová - HR specialist

Barbora works at PFC as HR specialist, searching for candidates, preparing documents for selection procedures, and assisting with HR projects. In her spare time, she actively participates in various training courses and workshops related to HR and law. She enjoys reading books, shooting, traveling, and most of all, spending time with her children.

Nikola Herejková - Financial controller

Nikola began her professional career at Unipetrol and gained further experience at Assa Abloy and FlexTecs. Currently, she works at PFC as a financial controller, focusing on closing, internal reporting, and economic analysis. She was attracted to PFC by the opportunity for professional and personal development alongside experienced leaders. This ever-positive person is passionate about sports and is a 4-time world kickboxing champion.

Jana Čivrná - Executive asisstant

Jana is the first person you meet when you enter PFC. She makes sure that we have a good time at work and don't miss anything. She is in charge of office management, processing invoices and documents for partners, assisting the finance team, and communicating with suppliers. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, cycling, reading, and traveling.

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