We bought the Spanish insurance comparator Arpem


Czech investment group Pale Fire Capital has bought a majority stake in Arpem Networks S.L., a Spanish company based in Madrid, which operates the insurance comparison platform Arpem.  The PFC investment group now controls 83% of Arpem.

PFC is building on a long tradition in the online insurance sector, with which it has many years of experience – PFC investors originally built the Czech number one ePojisteni.cz, and Superpoistenie.sk in Slovakia. They recently added the Polish insurance comparison provider Mubi to their portfolio, and now another one is coming, this time the Spanish insurance comparison platform Arpem. This one focuses on car, motorcycle and van insurance and offers product comparisons of more than 25 global players, including Allianz, Axa, Generali, Direct, Regal and many others.

“Most comparison sites in Spain allow you to classify products according to the price of the insurance, with Arpem there is the possibility to choose your insurance policy according to the quality of its cover, thanks to a unique and independent scoring system. Thanks to the PFC’s investment, we can focus on the further development of the platform, on IT development, portfolio growth, processes, but also, for example, recruitment and many other things, so that our services are as convenient as possible for our customers,” said Javier Moltó Llarena, co-owner and CEO of Arpem.

“We continue to tell a story in which we are particularly strong. After building the number one insurance comparison in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we are also doing well in the Polish market, and our next step is into one of Europe’s largest markets, Spain. We see a huge opportunity to simplify the online purchase of insurance through a full-fledged online process that will serve the customer in one place and without the need to deal with the comparator and the insurance company for part of the process,” comments Dušan Šenkypl, Partner at PFC, on the transaction.

To make the Arpem comparator easier for customers to navigate and save time, they designed a tool that in a few seconds tells users which insurance policy is the best for them.