Announcing another investment: the Polish insurance comparator Mubi


The Digitics Group, which owns the insurance comparator, launched its operations in 2018 and launched a campaign for the comparator in July 2019. Mubi – the current number two on the Polish market, based in Warsaw – is the fastest growing online insurance comparator. PFC is acquiring a 22.4% stake in Mubi. The total market for compulsory liability and accident insurance in Poland amounts to PLN 23,000,000,000 (approx. 126.5 billion CZK).

“Unfortunately, financial services are often very complicated and unclear for interested parties. We decided to help Polish people in their decision-making process and reduce the time spent on researching these services so that they can focus on something more enjoyable,” said Michał Laskowski, founder of, who has more than a decade of experience in financial e-commerce platforms, adding: “We still see a lot of potential for growth here – for example, in the UK, the leader is a company that entered the market only as the third.”

“The investment in the order of hundreds of millions of CZK will bring further development opportunities for in the fast-growing market of online customer services. Mubi’s ambition is to become a leader in Poland. However, at PFC we are also looking at other opportunities in Western Europe. Thanks to our experience in building the Czech number one and our experience from other markets – e.g. the Slovak, we can help Mubi develop really effectively,” comments Dušan Šenkypl, PFC partner, on the investment.

The overall growth of the e-commerce market, driven by, among other things, a change in consumer behaviour, with more consumers buying and negotiating services through digital channels, is also contributing to Mubi’s future growth. Another growth driver is the expansion of the product portfolio, including, for example, travel insurance. Growth is further supported by the ongoing development of the IT platform, marketing strategies and the setting up of efficient operational processes. 

The investment group Pale Fire Capital (PFC), which is focused on e-commerce and technology and has a wealth of experience in these areas, has recently opened up to smaller investors. They have been given the opportunity to participate in the group’s success through a bond issue (see the announcement here) to be issued on 12 October. The bonds will bear a fixed interest rate of 5.75% p.a. and expire in 2026 and will be traded on the Prague Stock Exchange. Detailed information on the bonds and how to invest directly on J&T Bank’s website here.

How does Mubi work?

The online platform Mubi aggregates and compares the offer of various types of car insurance on the Polish market – i.e. liability insurance, insurance of the vehicle against destruction or theft, accident insurance, assistance insurance. The driver first fills in a questionnaire directly on and based on his answers he immediately receives the most suitable offers from leading car insurance providers. The driver can then purchase the selected insurance directly via the online platform or by phone. If the driver is unsure about choosing the most suitable insurance, a team of experts and insurance agents are available to help ( phone or email). Mubi already offers the widest range of insurance on the Polish market.