Pale Fire Capital keeps supporting Ukraine with its humanitarian aid


Pale Fire Capital Group continues its humanitarian support to Ukraine and has immediately leased another hotel with 216 beds to accommodate the full capacity of the first one. It has now provided over 500 beds in total. The Scout Institute will coordinate operations at the second facility in Prague.

The first facility in Prague has a capacity of 250 beds, the second facility has about 216 beds, and the other facility is in South Bohemia and offers about 50 beds. The capacity of the first Prague location is filled with extra beds, the last two available rooms are wheelchair accessible and prepared for people confined to wheelchairs, with significantly lower mobility or after an accident. The accommodation is mainly for mothers or grandmothers with children and students or graduates. The residents, in cooperation with the Organization for Refugees, are fully supported by the services of social workers, a lawyer, a psychologist, a tutor for educational activities for children, an interpreter and many other support services. Half board is also provided. Operations in the second accommodation will be provided by the Scout Institute.

“We would like to thank all those who have come forward and are helping with us, we are very happy about the wave of solidarity among individuals, organisations and companies. They would like to help more and more. Thank you very much,” comments Jan Barta, partner of Pale Fire Capital.

“One of the fundamental scouting principles is that the stronger protect the weaker. At a time when thousands of people are coming to us from war-affected Ukraine, it is natural for us to try to fulfil this principle as best we can. We are currently taking on the project we have named “Hotel Svojsík” with a long-term view, and we want to open it on Wednesday morning,” added Miloš Říha, the director of the Scout Institute.

The most important thing is to provide a safe initial asylum, peace, conditions of human dignity and enough medical and other supplies for the first weeks. However, there is already some interest in work among the residents – people do not just want to take advantage of the generosity of the Czechs, they also want to actively participate in the work process. The PFC group will finance the operation of the facilities for as long as necessary.

About the Scout Institute
The Scout Institute is established by Junák – Czech Scouts and operates in 8 cities in the Czech Republic. It maintains the memory of Scouting, popularizes it and makes it available for research. Every year it organizes hundreds of events, lectures, programs for scouts, meetings and workshops – it creates space for debate and searches for new impulses. Other activities include developing programmes for schools and scout groups and activities for nature and the running of the Scout Archive. It also focuses on creating opportunities for teenage adult civic activity.
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